User monitoring

Hi, I’m using pingdom for status monitoring of my web. It’s really great and simple to setup. They released new Real User monitoring. By adding simple JS to website(like one for piwik) I can see load-time, how much time it takes to load images, how long ping is and so on.
It’s really great to see how much time it takes to load page and so on. I would certainly support it in crowdfunding, because now I have to share my data with pingdom to get the metrics.

Status monitoring would be also great but it is a different story.

In Piwik 1.12 we have a new column “Average generation time” that gives the time it takes to generate the page on server+download to client. This is already available in latest beta: Index of /

Also, there’s a new “Average generation time” metric across the website. and you can view historical performance for any given page or group of pages… :slight_smile: