User ID s Tab shows no data

(Steve Kinder) #1

Hello all,

I cant seem to see any Data in the User IDs tab on the dashboard. I’ve even hardcoded the call function to a single string in the header;


And still nothing is populated.

I’m using the Innocraft cloud - my next questions is - is there a way you can take a look at the MySQL db on the innocraft cloud to try and deduce what is going on behind the scenes?

Many Thanks

(Steve Kinder) #2


I can see from other views (the live view) that this ‘test’ ID has been assigned. So i don’t know why my User ID table is blank.

Any answers - please let me know!

(Jason) #3

It can take upto an hour for this information to appear in your reports. Can you check again now to see if the data is there?


(Steve Kinder) #4

Excellent - and so it has, thanks @Jason_1282

Happy to close this thread!

Just to check, though i would really like to access the MySQL database to have a look at the raw data - is that possible on the innocraft cloud or would i have to install on my own severs for that?