User ID report in 2.16.2


I just updated our installation of Piwik to 2.16.2.
Is there something special I need to do to use the new User ID report?
Regardless of which time period I select, I get “There is no data for this report.”

We have already been tracking User IDs as described here User ID - Analytics Platform - Matomo.

Any hints?


I think this is for users you define… not visitors to your site.

It’s linked in the release notes of 2.16.2 to the feature I mentioned.
Which allows you to track users by an ID, specified by you.

My question was if it’s possible to use this report for pre-existing data of that sort.
I seem to only be able to use it for reporting on data since installing 2.16.2, even though we’ve been tracking this data for far longer.

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