User Deletion | Assigned Goals & any other interaction


I’m currently playing around a bit with Matomo and like the option to delete a User with the provided GDPR-Tools.
Anyhow, I realized that this deletion will remove the visit / user by VISITID or User ID but any Conversion or Goal is not affected in Matomo UI.

Following questions appeared:

  1. Once I delete a user via GDPR-Tool can anyone confirm this user and all attributed actions / data is deleted from the RAW-Database tables?

  2. Do I have to reprocess all Matomo Reports with historical data if I would like to remove the user data and interactions also from the Matomo UI?
    I think so because I can’t find the User but I still see related Goals.

  3. If I delete my raw data regularly. How can I adjust (if required) the aggregated data?
    As I guess this will still show what the Matomo UI has processed by the date the data was first recorded.

  4. As my SQL-Knowledge is a bit rusty (I had some experience a few years ago when I was on University)
    Is there a option to delete any raw data fro a certain userid / visitorid via SQL-Query?

If so some pseudo-code would be great.


Yes, the GDPR tool deletes all raw visit logs about this user.

Yes, reports have to be invalidated and regenerated to reflect the new data.

But at least according to Invalidate archives when visits removed via GDPR tool by katebutler · Pull Request #14399 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub since Matomo 3.10.0 it should do that automatically (you only need to run archiving afterwards)

As the reports are invalidated automatically you should not need to do anything apart from running the cronjob regularly.

It is definitely possible, but as there are many things that can go wrong I’d really recommend you to go with the GDPR tool instead.

Thanks for your swift reply.

One more question regarding the aggregated data.

So let’s say once I reprocess at the beginning of the month the previous month data.
The raw data from previous month I will delete afterwards.
This will not have any effect on the aggregated data.

But If I have to adjust my aggregated data what do I need to do.
To eg. remove a UserID or any Actions?
So this historical data will be correct even I check data that is a few month / years ago?

If you automatically delete the raw data via the setting (not manually via the GDPR tool) then the reports are still available (but of course can’t be regenerated).