User 'anonymous' doesn't exist

(Tobias) #1

I just installed Piwik using Dreamhost’s One-Click Installer.

When I was able to access the app, I logged in using the credentials mailed to me by the Dreamhost system.

The first thing I wanted to do was update the administrator password, so I clicked on the “Settings” link.

That loaded a page with the single line:

User ‘anonymous’ doesn’t exist.

I tried inserting a new user record into the database directly, but that user’s credentials didn’t work when I tried to log in, and admittedly, I’m not MySQL wiz.

Any idea why the Settings page would fail right out of the gates like that?

(vipsoft) #2

We can’t provide direct support for the Dreamhost installer. You’ll have to contact Dreamhost for support.

Alternatively, download Piwik from , unzip the package in your Dreamhost account, and browse to the folder to start-up Piwik’s web-based installer.