Use trigger name as eventname in tag

Is it somehow possible to use the name of the trigger as eventname of a tag?

On a page I have 4 images, each with an individual id. When the user clicks on the image the content of the page changes with JS.

I set up 4 triggers, each triggers on click on the individual IDs of the images.

Now I don’t also want to have 4 tags. I want to have as less as possible to keep everything organized.

For the single tag I’ve added the 4 triggers and the tag is working correct. But now I need a specific eventname to identify on what image the user clicked.

I would really like to use the name of the trigger that triggered the tag. What else could I use? “Element click” only gives me [object HTMLImageElement].

Related GitHub issue:

Maybe try the solution provided by peterbo.

Thanks, I’ve also found this. Hope this will be a feature soon.