Use Piwik to expose analytics to website visitors


I trying to figure out whether Piwik is a good solution for the following:

On my website users can create posts. I want capture which users seen which post(along with capturing some other custom events) and then show this data back to post creators.

So far I know that:
[li] I can assign UserId as a custom variable to website visitors
[/li][li] I can create custom events
[/li][li] I can use Reporting API to query for events with specific UserId (correct me if I wrong here)

Based on what I know it looks like Piwik would be a good solution for me. One concept that I don’t understand is this:

Table Truncation. For performance reasons, Piwik will by default only archive the first 1,000 rows.

What does that mean? Would this affect me? Is there any other issues to look for?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Looks good, store the viewer as custom variable, and it will work.

To prevent Piwik from archiving only the top 1,000 rows see this FAQ: After the top 500 or top 1000 rows, Piwik automatically groups pages, keywords, websites, etc. under the label "Others"; How do I force Piwik to not limit the data? - Analytics Platform - Matomo