Use Domain Installed with Piwik and also host Destination Page?

Hi there

I just started using Piwik!

I did a check for an answer before posting this. I apologise if it has been addressed.

  1. I wanted to ask if its possible to have the same domain hosting Piwik and also the destination URL?

For example, my Piwik is installed on and my destination URL can be

Would that work? Or do I need to install Piwik in a sub-domain?

2a) I plan to create my own psuedo “URL shortener” by having the domain to redirect (using 301) to an external link. For example, the tracking link could be and the domain redirects the traffic to an external link like Is that possible? Will Piwik still be able to track the incoming and outgoing traffic?

2b) Based on the above example in (2a), I assume it is possible to have a customised word like “shopping” in the tracked link? [] Please let me know if that’s not possible.

  1. In the documentation for Advance Tracking, there was a mention of “Javascript can not be used: Ebay pages, MySpace pages, but also Software Apps, iPhone or Android apps”

Besides Ebay and MySpace, can I use Piwik to track links inside PDF files and Facebook posts? If yes, how?

Please advice on the above, thanks very much in advance.


PS: Opps! I got a Question #4 to add.
4) Do I need SSL cert for HTTPS in my Piwik tracking? If no, what about those destination sites with HTTPS URLs? Thanks again!

Please please help. I would really be grateful for some answers. Thanks Piwik people!


  1. You dont need to use a subdomain. - Free hosting for the demoscene would also work.

2a) It works if the redirect page “shopping” contains piwik tracking code

  1. You could use piwik campaign tracking, such like: - Free hosting for the demoscene

  2. You should need own SSL certificate if your site is uses SSL. Destination sites could use ssl even if your piwik doesn’t.