Usage of regex-group-to-visit-cvar


I’m unable to find any documentation on this new feature.

We have a session ID in our Apache log file (from a session cookie) that I’d like to import into a custom field that will be used to establish a “visit”.

This new feature seems to be the what I’m looking for!

I plan to use the following argument in my import script: --regex-group-to-visit-cvar=“event_name=sessionid”

I dont have a need for the “event_name” regex group, so I thought I’d use it for this purpose.

I’m guessing that I need to map the session id field into a group (event_name in my case) and then this argument will tell Piwik to use that group to determine “visits”. Is this correct?

Thank you!
Kyle Disque


Anyone know where I can find the docs on this new feature?

I see the custom variable show up in the visitor log. But I dont see how it has impacted the “visit” count or algorithm.