URL can be found among 'Pages' only in a small date range

The issue is: when we look for a specific URL in ‘Pages’ widget, we can find it, if the date range is not too big.
The subpage of our intranet was created on March 1st.

  • We set date range March 1st - April 1st and we can see traffic in ‘Pages’ Widget, the URL of the page can be found;

  • We set date range March 1st - August 1st, the URL cannot be found, as it was no traffic on the page.

We looked for a hint in the browser, but there are no error messages in Browser’s Console. The Requests in the Network Tab are all 200.

Where else can we check for a hint or solution?

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Hello @SteveG

Is this something you could explain?


How many urls are tracked on your site? Matomo truncates the daily reports after the top 500 urls and groups all remaining into a Others row. When weekly and monthly reports are aggregated the daily reports are summed up and truncated a similar way. So it might happen that a url is available in a daily reports but disappears in a bigger range when there are more pages listed with a higher number of total hits. If you need to have the full reports you can try to configure the config value datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions higher than 500.