Upgrading Piwik (1.5.1 to 1.12.1): Questions


My company is due to upgrade our production Piwik from 1.5.1 to 1.12.1, and I have a few questions, if anyone can answer them.

  1. Database Schema upgrade and the archiver script
  • I’ve done in a few dry runs of this on a test server, using the manual 3 step
    method, as I personally feel safer using it. Upon completion of the schema upgrade for the database, I notice that legacy statistics will not display on both the piwik application and our company application until AFTER I run the archive.sh script (which will likely now be the archive.php script, since its suppose to be faster). Is this operating as intended?

I will have more questions, but that is the big one for now. I’ll be sure to come back if/when I form others. Thank you for your time and expertise to those who reply; it is much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Dan Yaeger