Upgrading from Piwik

get a message saying:
To run Matomo you need at least PHP version 5.5.9
Unfortunately it seems your webserver is using PHP version 5.3.28.

ok…fine - I upgraded PHP version to v7 but I STILL get the same message.
Where do I put the htaccess folder? Does it go in the root folder or the /public_html folder?

I don’t understand that part with the “htaccess folder”, what should that be??

What webserver do you use? Apache? nginx? IIS?
If you use apache, did you restart your webserver after upgrading PHP?
If you don’t use apache, did you set up your webserver to use the PHP7-fpm socket?

Don’t have my own servers -
I use heartinternet hosting who created it for me as they say that is where the PHP version should be.
Don’t know what servers they use, but one can choose what PHP version to use.

Heartinternet is a huge company and it’s routine for them to change which version.

Well, than ask your hoster how to make sure you have the correct PHP version. I cannot tell you what to do in your shared enviroment.

As I said PHP v 7 is installed.

My hosters do not know how/where Mamoto looks to check this. That is what I am trying to find out.

I think you misunderstood that. Matomo is just asking the server which PHP version he is using. So if Matomo tells you, that you don’t run PHP7, your webserver doesn’t run PHP7.

    public function execute()
        global $piwik_minimumPHPVersion;

        $actualVersion = PHP_VERSION;

        $label = sprintf(
            '%s >= %s',

        if ($this->isPhpVersionValid($piwik_minimumPHPVersion, $actualVersion)) {
            $status = DiagnosticResult::STATUS_OK;
            $comment = $actualVersion;
        } else {
            $status = DiagnosticResult::STATUS_ERROR;
            $comment = sprintf(
                '%s: %s',
                $this->translator->translate('General_Required', array($label))

        return array(DiagnosticResult::singleResult($label, $status, $comment));

To check this yourself, create a new php file in your html folder with the following content <?php phpinfo(); ?> and than visit that site in your browser. It will tell you every information that matomo can get aswell.

Thank you - I have put your response to Hosting company.

Will try the new php file in html folder later.

Well certainly PHP7 is installed
see phpinfo()

Will try uninstalling/reinstalling later.

Did you tried the system check again? Maybe forcing your browser to throw away cached content.

As a sidenote: Please remove the phpinfo after checking what you needed, it displays informations that a attacker could use to compromise your server.

yes I cleared cached content…no difference. I will delete and reset up and see if it’s ok then.

Thanks for the warning about the php file - done!