Upgraded to PHP 5.6 and now my sites are not being tracked

I recently had PHP upgraded on my server to 5.6 and now none of my sites are being tracked. Does anyone know what I might need to change on my Piwik configuration?

I looked in the system check report and I am not getting any errors.

Please try this: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3

Ok I turned on tracking but I am completely lost when it wants to make follow the request that is being sent. I have no idea what I need to be doing next to figure out what is wrong.

What’s your website url?


So I figured out that Piwik only seems to be tracking sites that use the default tracking. I had a few sites that I had this setting left on and the rest are on Use Proxy script. Any kind of php setting that needs to be added so that I can use the tracking code “Use proxy script”?