Upgrade to 1.2 smooth, but no new stats

I just upgraded my Piwik from 1.1 to 1.2 using the automated upgrade method. The upgrade went smoothly, but I noticed tracking of all new visitors has stopped. When I checked the database table piwik_log_visit, it has no new rows since I upgraded.

I checked all of my tracking tags in my html files and they all look fine. I don’t know where to look for an error message.

Any help appreciated.

What non core plugins do you use? Try disable all plugins except the “Piwik” ones.

Hey Matt. The only plugin that doesn’t ship stock with Piwik I had enabled was GeoIP. I just disabled that, but it doesn’t appear to have made any difference. You can take a look at the site’s code here:


Thanks Matt.

I have the exact same issue. I had 1.1.1 installed and working perfectly. I upgraded to 1.2 today first via the online automator. I then installed the GeoIp plugin. I realized that I wasn’t getting any new statistics so completely deleted piwik from our domain and re-installed with a fresh version without GeoIp. Still no stats, nothing works help…

I wish there was some kind of self diagnostic panel that runs some self test checks and gives you a verbose message of what test failed.

It looks like data is tracked correctly in https://www.avaneya.com/piwik/piwik.php - still no stats for ‘today’ ?

Hey Matt. It looks like it is working but I think the visitor times may be wrong. Can you do me a favour and go to the aforementioned site (www.avaneya.com) and let me know what time you browsed? I am in PST time zone. I will then cross check that with the visitor log. Thanks for your help.

To elaborate more;
Live Visitors doesn’t work. It does add to the “number of visits” and “pageviews” counter when I visit the site but my ip and other info doesn’t show up.

There were timezone-related changes to the Live Visitors plugin. We will review and correct it in the next release.

Great. Looking forward to it.

See proposed patch in 301 Moved Permanently

Thanks man. I’m a little nervous to apply it to a live setup. I’ll give it some time until the next stable release comes out. I don’t want to end up breaking it again. :wink:

I thought 1.2 was a stable release. Do you know when the next release will ready?

That’s what I’d like to know because the dates of visitors still appear to be all wrong. I shouldn’t have upgraded.

We are having the same problem. New visitors are not being logged. The auto update was not smooth (errors during install and DB upgrade), so we ended up doing a manual installation. Since then, only returning visitors are appearing in the log_visit table. Please help…

To clarify, there is NO KNOWN BUG that data should not be tracked. The only bug referred in the other post is a display issue in the Live! plugin with timezones. Your data should track correctly.

If you have issue that some data is not tracked and don’t appear in any report, then there is maybe an issue… Please first see: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hey Matt. Thanks for following up. I had already checked out that FAQ. I believe I have already satisfied all the potential sources it raises to the best of my knowledge.

Kip, can you please send your piwik host url + pwd + username + bug description + link to this post in PM ? thx

Hey Matt. Done.

Not sure that is true. We saw the timezone issue on the live plugin and also were not tracking for a lot of pages after upgraded to 1.2.

We don’t have any non-out of the box plugins installed (even disabled a few of those), So I don’t believe problems like the GeoIP Plugin was causing our issues.

We had to rollback to a backup to get working again.

While it may be configuration of our server, but we are running a fairly vanilla install. Expectation is that a point release upgrade would have worked better than that after upgrading.

I may try the update again in the near future. But If problems occur again, I can’t leave it in that state for long and will have to revert again.