Upgrade progress "numbers" misleading

I’m upgrading from version 3.14 to 4.0.5 already more than 20 hours. Database upgrade progress numbers seems to be wrong, for example : Executing ALTER TABLE piwik_log_visitMODIFY COLUMNvisitor_count_visitsINT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, MODIFY COLUMNvisit_total_interactionsMEDIUMINT UNSIGNED DEFAULT 0, MODIFY COLUMNreferer_nameVARCHAR(255) NULL, MODIFY COLUMNreferer_urlVARCHAR(1500) NULL, MODIFY COLUMNconfig_browser_nameVARCHAR(40) NULL, MODIFY COLUMNconfig_client_typeTINYINT( 1 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL, MODIFY COLUMNlocation_region char(3) DEFAULT NULL;... Done. **[7 / 3]**

How can i fix it and how much time usually upgrade takes ?