Upgrade PHP to 7.X Version for Piwik Upgrade

We use the Piwik Version 2.9.1 with Nginx & PHP 5.6 version installed on the CentOS Box. We are trying to upgrade the setups to 3.0.2 which needs PHP 7.X version (recommended). So my question here is, in-order to upgrade PHP on a CentOS Server the older version needs to be removed and newer version needs to installed.
I am wondering what are the things I need to keep in my mind in-order to upgrade to PHP 7.X on Piwik installed on CentOS Servers… Is it just a typical PHP upgarde or are there any special instructions for the upgrade?
Any thoughts folks… Thanks for the help

Vikram Yerneni

Hi, did you ever manage to do the PHP upgrade?

I have php 5.3.3 and have just installed php71 on CentOS 6 server.
but I too am not sure if this is enough on it’s own,
as I now have a php which is still 5.3 and a new php71 which is correct, but maybe not default.

do I need to uninstall php 5.3 first, before installing php71?
or do I need to configure piwik somewhere to use 71 rather than the base version?

I used the remi repo - is that OK?
but can’t see a php71-curl or php71-mysql - so a bit worried I do not have everything.
did you get these, or are they not rerally needed now

If any advice, that would be great,