Upgrade Matomo's version in multiples app servers


I have an instance with 3 server running nginx + php-fpm. In this moment the version of Matomo in this servers is 4.6.2 and we already have the 4.8.0. When I enter in the web interface, it say that already have a new version. If I check to update by web interface, will upgrade the code only to this server.

Have some suggestion to upgrade all server?

You just have to get the zip of the new version and unsip in Matomo folder…
Be careful, before doing that, don’t forget to backup (database and previous intallation), just in case.
don’t forget also to update back config files. And also maybe manually updated PHP files (even if such changes are not advised… :wink: )

At this moment, I’m using a rsync function installed in cron on my first server, where I have a unique DNS entry pointing to it, called ‘waupdate.mycompany.com’, where I enter in this URL and I arrive at the first server. I update the code and in the next cycle of cron (setted to run in each 5 min), it runs a sync script to other servers.

A friend suggested using minio/minfs too.

Do you know some way to do an upgrade through the command line?

I am not an expert in your configuration.
Maybe have a look at:

Thank you, @heurteph-ei

I will study a rotine in ansible to do it.

More one possibility is to use incron, a cron that is triggered by FS changes.