Upgrade 0.5.1. to 0.5.2. failed


I did an upgrade from 0.5.0 to 0.5.1 and had one missing widget (page views). Now I upgraded to 0.5.2. and I get the following message trying to upgrade the database:

Kritischer Fehler während dem Upgrade-Prozess:
Edit config.ini.php and add to [superuser] section: salt = f548e8d84d3b975cc58367d64ef38823

I edited then the config.ini.php but with no result.


o.k., all done.

I edited the config.ini.php adding to [superuser] salt = f548e8d84d3b975cc58367d64ef38823 and NOT section: salt = f548e8d84d3b975cc58367d64ef38823

I had to chmod 777 the config.ini.php because PIWIK wanted to change something (maybe the missing " "). After this I changed back to 755.

I added the pages-widget, which didn´t work anymore in PIWIK 0.5.1.

Everything works now.