Updating to 1.7 'error'

When clicking on the link, in the top-right: New update: 1.7

I get:
Piwik kan de huidige installatie niet overschrijven. Je kunt de huidige map/bestands rechten wijzigen, of de nieuwe versie downloaden en versie 1.7 manueel installeren:

Piwik cannot overwrtie … You can change the currently assigned rights to the maps/ files, or … install manually …

[s]Which maps does this message cocern?
Does this only refer to the same maps/ files I had to change during installation, or all maps and files?


answer: Update Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

New Questions;
What are possible reasons for this to happen?

  • Is it because my Piwik folder does not have a the Default name?
  • Is it a (possible) problem with my server?

How can I track-down where the problem/ fault occurs?

First, you’ve posted this in the wrong forum. A “How-to” or “tutorial” is an explaination of a process. Your post is a request for help or notification of a problem.

Perhaps a moderator will move this to the appropriate forum.

In regards to your problem - there are two. The first one is that you did not change your file permissions before running the upgrade.

The second problem is that the resulting error message seems to use the word ‘right’ when it should use “write”. These sound the same in English, but mean very different things.

Hopefully this will help you.



I was sure to change the permissions the second time I tried, and before posting again.

So that’s not it.

I’m sure we mean the same thing: The writing permissions to the right maps, in other words, the right Writng-Rights to the right maps/ files … (:P)

The answer I found on wipik.org was to change the rights on the root-folder/ installation-folder

But also here, not specifying:

  • Whether to recurse in subfolders

so assuming: Not.

  • or that it is mandatory to preserve the root-folder’s original Name

For security reasons I assumed renaming the folder would be better …

But it would not surprise me if that’s what prevents the process from completing/ starting …