Updated user / websites manager

An updated user / website manager would be great. Something a little more cleaner, easier to use and still has a the same functions as the current one.
Which is available for super users, but maybe a similar but not as revealing version of this idea for non-superusers.

The layout i was thinking, as mild described below.
Websites page:
[li] The current layout is ok, but not as many details.
[/li][li] Details hidden from above suggestion are displayed in a website’s profile of its own (popup java window or new page).
[/li][li] You can manage user access to the selected website through the websites profile manager. ( a username search would be great).
[/li][li] Tracking code generator and any details you might want on the website are found in its profile. (made using output of current track code gen).

User manager:
[li] Same styled layout a websites, but with search bar and/or filter selections.
[/li][li] User profile page with basic user detail and list of websites managed by that user.
[/li][li] List of websites has a “view profile” icon and “remove access” icons.
[/li][li] Maybe customisable user types with certain user permissions.

There are lots of suggestion here… :wink:

there are tickets for some of these suggestion: