Updated to 3.7.0 this morning and now it's stopped logging hits

(Paul Oldham) #1

Did the automatic update very early this morning. Seemed to go fine other than some housekeeping (looks like someone has added a check for files in document root which are not in the approved list). So I deleted those as instructed and it seemed happy.

But looking this evening I discover that we’ve only had 58 visitors all day which is … unlikely. I tried:

  1. Accessing the site over mobile data (as we don’t log hits from our own IP address). Made no difference.
  2. Updated the code fragment on each page (the version we had was quite old I think). Again made no difference.

Looking at the hit logs I can see that users are accessing piwik.js or piwip.php as they use the site but something’s no right. Any suggestions as to where I should start looking for clues? TIA

ETA: it’s OK, I’ve tracked it down - it was a problem with the hourly cron job