Update the Old Icons & Applications


As I started using Piwik, I noticed a few things about it’s look & feel:
[li] Application-specific Icons - The firefox, Adobe Reader, and other icons are low-res and out of date. They are ugly. Face it.
[/li][li] Standard Icons - While they aren’t really outdated, all of the other icons could use a boost (save, charts, list, etc.). Something like Font Awesome could really spice eberything up. Plus, their vector graphics, so they are completely scalable. There’s even an icon for the dashboard!
[/li][li] The charts load slowly - I haven’t really dug deep into this, but I’m pretty sure most of the charts are being generated server-side and then very very slowly sent to the client. There are so many JavaScript libraries that could replace this nowdays!
[/li][li] Unintentional plus signs - When you have a site name with a space in it, it is interpreted as a plus, I assume to make processing it easier and to avoid errors. However, instead something like ‘%20’ or ‘+’ or something else that would almost never be typed in manually could be used instead. Then a simple PHP function could be made to automatically translate those instances in a string into a real space. Not that inportant though.

Thanks for your consideration! This application is truly awesome. Keep up the good work.

[size=small]P.S. The BBcode links on this forum don’t appear to work.[/size]