Update problem with Search Engin Keywords Performance

Hello all,

I’ve tried to update the plugin Search Engin Keywords Performance from v3.4.2 to v3.5.0 but the following error occurs:

At first I suspected that the license had expired, but this does not seem to be the case:

What’s going wrong?

Regards, Andreas


The error seems to indicate that the ZIP file that was download is not a valid ZIP. I think it is unlikely that the file on the server is invalid as otherwise it would not work for anyone. So I guess maybe it got corrupted during the download and the easiest solution might be to just try again.

Nevertheless this was forwarded to the premium support team who will have further help in case this doesn’t fix it.

Hi Lukas,

I’ve tried it twice before I post this topic - the error occurs again.

Thank you for your Forwarding.

Regards, Andreas

Hi Andrea,

Can you download the plugin from your account and unzip it locally? Does this work? If so copy the contents to the plugin directory of your Matomo /plugins/SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance


Hi Jason,

I can’t download the plugin because the treasurer of our Society bought it. I’ve wrote him a mail he should download the zip file and send it to me. Then I will try to copy the contents into the folder.

Regards, Andreas