Update Error for new Piwik 3.0.0 Beta 1

Got this error message in return while running the database update after the initial update:

Critical Error during the update process:
SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘109788_DB2.piwik_plugin_setting’ doesn’t exist

Of course, no changes had been made to the MySQL tables in advance.
Don’t have phpMyAdmin access to this site so I can’t verify if the table is actually missing or not.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I upgraded too, and have the same error message.
See picture.
How to resolve it? :open_mouth:

Same here Table ‘piwik.piwik_site_setting’ doesn’t exist

please see Updating from 2.16 to 3.0.0b1 fails: piwik_site_setting doesn't exist · Issue #10703 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub