Update 1.4->1.5 Error at Piechart Length of visit

(Ralpho) #1

Since the update to 1.5 I have an error at the piechart for the length of visit. It shows me the biggest value as 100%.

Find attached the buggy pie chart and the respective values as bar chart.

How could I or you fix that?

(Ralpho) #2

Any suggestions?

(JulienM) #3

Can you hover your mouse on the green part of the pie chart and tell us which percentage is displayed on the tooltip ?

(vipsoft) #4

This is reproduceable on the demo. I have created a ticket in Charts - Length of Visits - pie chart overfill · Issue #2518 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

(Ralpho) #5

Thank you

(vipsoft) #6

This is fixed in trunk to be included in 1.5.1 release.

(Ralpho) #7

Now it works fine again! Thank you very much… Good job (:P)