Ununderstood inconsistency in Pages metrics


As a web analyst, I’m using Matomo on a daily basis to determine how the traffic evolves on a specific part of my website.

In order to isolate the wanted part of the website, I only have to create the specified segment in the Pages report.


When downloading data from the pages report on specific dates, I have data that are difficult to understand : 99% of the time, I have the following case nb_uniq_visitors < nb_visits < nb_hits, which is consistent which the API explanation in the glossary.

However, there is multiple times where nb_uniq_visitors is higher thant nb_visits, as seen is the CSV export below


How is it possible ? Am I missing something ?
I read multiple times the documentation, however I can’t explain why nb_uniq_visitors can be, depending on the situation, lower, equal or higher than the number of visits