Unneccessary files after an upgrade

I’ve just upgraded Matomo to its latest version and I get an error message that there’re a few files left that should be deleted. Just wanted to double-check on that…
These ones:
in root directory:
File to delete: bower.json
File to delete: composer.json
File to delete: composer.lock
in js directory:
File to delete: js/piwik-min.js (there are TWO of them there. One with the time of an upgrade, i.e. Oct.29 and another one is from Aug.24)
File to delete: js/piwik.js.orig
And in misc directory:
File to delete: misc/gpl-3.0.txt

So it is safe to delete these files?


They all are okay to delete. Just make sure not to delete the js/piwik.min.js (with a dot between piwik and min).

Thank you so much!!!