Unknown city/region on reports

edit: Looks like using this method How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo is the reason. It doesn’t send city info to piwik if you use piwik.php to send your stats and hide your real piwik server.

So I couldn’t come up with an easy solution, perhaps somebody knows? I downloaded piwik.php and made the changes on tracking code. I can see the visit in real visitor section but no luck with getting city info, sometimes piwik can’t decide the country by the ip, when using it as tracker proxy.

I can’t seem to get piwik recognize region and city under visitor - location section. It shows the country fine but no city info whatever I do.

On geolocation settings:

geoip php shows my location, coordinates, post code, city and country fine .Geoip (pecl) says org:unknown isp:unknown (I don’t know why geoip pcl doesn’t show anythin else than this)

geoip http server module shows again country, city, zipcode correctly. And I am using geoip http server module, shows green installed.


I am using nginx on debian with geoip module, I have included correct path to geoip and geocountry files. I gunzipped them so just pointing to dat files.

edit: using maxmind api by geoip (php) shows city without a problem. Now it doesn’t show my country info when I use server module. It was working fine before. Don’t know what is the problem.


1-) I am using piwik tracker proxy. It tracks everything fine, as country etc.
2-) I downloaded both geoipcitylight and geoipdat (country) files and wrote the paths in nginx conf. When I tried using same path for geoipcitylight as both city and country, nginx gives error like it’s not correct geoipdat file.
3-) I have included those fastcgi params only on the website config my piwik is installed. I haven’T included those fastcgi params for the config of the site I am tracking.


What can be the reason? Is it because I have not included fastcgiparams for the website I track also? Everything is shown correctly inside setting of geolocation but on reports, city and region is always unknown.