Unique Visitors missing in Referrer breakdowns when using period other than daily


We’re having issues getting Unique Visitors to work for anything but “daily” periods in the Referrers breakdowns.

We’re on 2.17.1, and we have enabled UV processing for all periods following Faq#113, we use

enable_processing_unique_visitors_day = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_week = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_month = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_year = 1
enable_processing_unique_visitors_range = 1

and re-generated archived reports, but on the tables on the “Referrers”/“All Referrers” page, the “Unique Visitors” column is only shown for daily periods.

What we’re seeing can also be seen on demo.piwiki.org:

When navigating to (period parameter is “daily”):

virtual-drums.com - Sunday, January 7, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Piwik

The third column in both the “Referrer Types” and “Referrers” tables is “Unique Visitors”. So the numbers we’re looking for are available for daily periods.

But when changing the period to weekly, the “Unique Visitors” column disappears. E.g.:

virtual-drums.com - Sunday, January 7, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Piwik

On that page, the “Referrer Types” and “Referrers” tables are missing the “Unique Visitors” column.

Is there a way to get the “Unique Visitors” column also for other-than-daily periods per referrer?

Best regards,

Hi Christian,

I think it’snot possible. Could you create a request on our tracker: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub and we will follow up

Thanks for the quick response.

I filed the issue on github. Its ticket number is 11179.