Unique visitors in custom event tracking


we track custom events via javascript and in Behavior / Events we see a higher number of “Unique visitors” than the number of “Visits”, which does not make sense to us.
Does anyone have an explanation what can be the cause?


are you tracking without cookies?
What is the selected date range in your screenshot?

It could be a behaviour in combination of tracking without cookies and “midnight”-effect, but I guessing it. Unique visitors will be counted per day. See here, but a visit that started shortly before midnight and ended shortly after midnight is only one visit.

Hi, the selected date range was one single day, so the unique visitors should not be affected by the midnight visits.

However I can see that Matomo does not send any cookies, so that might be the cause. We did not explicitly disable cookies on Matomo side (setting Force tracking without cookies is not checked) and we use default javascript tracking code generated by Matomo. We also do not require a user conset (we do not use _paq.push(['requireCookieConsent'])) and I do not see any other configuration which could block cookies.

Do you know if there is any other configuration/setting which would cause that cookies are not being set?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @pdv
Which Matomo version do you run?
For cookie, there is some cookie configurations in the config file: cookie_domain, cookie_expire, cookie_name, cookie_path. Also, in tracking code check that you did not: _paq.push(["disableCookies"]);