"Unique visitors" column missing for custom dimensions – faq instructions don't solve


The “Unique visitors” column is missing when viewing custom dimensions for any period other than a day. In the usual use cases for custom dimensions, the stats are pretty useless when summarised by visits rather than visitors.

Please don’t just direct me to these instructions: https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_113/ – I’ve tried them (multiple times) and it hasn’t helped. Specifically, I’ve added the relevant config file settings, invalidated time periods for all of history, then rerun archiving.

A number of others seems to have had the same problem; there are a number of threads where:

  • user raises problem
  • directed to the above page by Matomo staff
  • user replies saying these didn’t work
  • nobody responds

If Matomo doesn’t support this feature, please just say so so I can stop chasing my tail. Otherwise it would be great to know what I can do to fix this. The feature is fairly useless currently.

This is a self-hosted Matomo 4.16.0 running in Docker.


I got the same issue here. We’re even running user IDs for a intranet and we want to see the actual number of visitors that have a read a piece of information. But as soon as I go from “day” to any other period the column is removed and the sum-function for it seems to not be written.

We’re working with small enough datasets that adding the userID dimension and then exporting day by day to excel and having excel count the number of unique user IDs is actually a solution I’m considering.

Hi @Feldon, @horsefeathers
I just created a feature request for you:

Does it covers your needs? If not don’t hesitate to amend the issue…

Looks to cover it and gives me a bit of more insight into it. I do have a custom dimension here. I will do a bit more testing to see if I can find any view for my client where they can see useful information. Huge thanks for the help.

In my case it’s a custom report where I want to see page url - custom dimension (the department the user belongs to) and then page views and unique visitors and/or unique userIDs.

Hi @Feldon,
As this concerns also custom report premium feature, you can send also an email to the Custom report support team…

Hi @heurteph-ei ,
Couldn’t find a support mail but I used the marketplace support chat and hope it will find them…
It seems strange that they throw the error “These metrics were removed because they cannot be calculated correctly for this period: Sum of Unique visitors.” when you’ve proven that the Sum-function very much seem to exist and is working.
I was thinking the function of summing up the metric was broken. Guess it’s another issue then.

Hi @Feldon
Sum of unique visitors differs from unique visitors on a selected period… If a user comes every day, the unique visitor of the week is 1, whereas the sum is 7…

Where do you see this?