Uninstall Question

I’m looking to uninstall Piwik, (for right now)
The instruction I see, say
"Delete all Piwik files in the piwik/ folder. In some configurations, the piwik/ folder cannot be deleted using FTP. If you can’t delete the piwik/ folder in your FTP, download the script uninstall-delete-piwik-directory.php, upload it to your server above the piwik/ folder, and execute it in your browser. It will delete the piwik/ folder."

I’ve already removed tracking code from pages

I do not see a piwik/folder anywhere
I’m assuming that /analytics is the same thing, since I set up as analytics.mysite.com
Sound correct?

If that is correct, then after I just drop DB- piwikanalytics


This question looks like better related to your hosting provider.
Normally uninstalling Piwik is limited in removing all application’s php files and DB deletion.

Thanks for a response tassoman

I would assume since I installed it, there is no need for my hosting provider to uninstall

just wanted to see if I was on right track for removal