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Sorry to ask that as Piwik has been quite an asset for my site for years but the level of programmation knowledge required to fully appreciate it is out of my league and the database is gnawing on my free ftp space. So here it is: how can I clean my site of piwik? Do I have to take back one page after another?

Thanks, I’ve been very satisfied by you services so far


same here. waiting for replay


What do you mean? Uninstall Piwik? Remove the Tracking Code from your Site, delete the Piwik Folder and delete the Piwik Database. Thats it.

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how do you delete the piwik database? I can’t find it on the ftp.

If I delete the Piwik folder but leave the tracking code on my 200 pages, will I get errors when the page will be consulted?



Youll need to remove the Tracking-Code before you delete the Piwik Folder an the Database. Otherwise youll get an error.

How do you have insert the code in your 200 Pages? Manually? To remove the Tracking Code, make it exactly turned around :wink:

To remove the Database, use an administration Tool for MySQL. phpMyAdmin is installed by many hosting providers. Or login to your MySQL Shell an delete the Database by using “drop database piwik_database_name”.

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All clear now thanks,

The code was integrated in my standard new page template so it was not painful to insert it. Removing it is a bit different. Well…


I’ve follow macringo method, but unable to have the same result as arthobald. What could be the issue?


And what is your result? Any error?

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See FAQ: Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo