Understanding of Plugins_Tracker[]


I’ve got two questions:

  1. Why do I need to add my plugin manually to Plugins_Tracker[]?

  2. Isn’t there a way to do this automatically?

The weird thing is, that a plugin that uses tracker-hooks is executed once, although it has not been added to Plugins_Tracker[]. After the first request, it is never executed again.

Perhaps I missed something here!?

(vipsoft) #2

Your plugin’s getinfo probably doesn’t identify itself as a tracker plugin.

See plugins/Provider/Provider.php


Thanks Anthon… That cost me hours and should definitly be part of the next “How to write a plugin” guide :slight_smile:

(vipsoft) #4

In the meantime, you can use http://qa.piwik.org:8080/phpdocs/

For example, click on Piwik_Plugin and scroll down to getInformation().


Sure, I should habe taken a look at it earlier, but I simply did not know that you had to make an additional specification for a tracker plugin.