Uncaught URIError: URI malformed with Chrome and ISO 8859-1 Encoding

One Website has ISO 8859-1 Encoding. I have Uncaught URIError Javascript error with Chrome when URL have some special character

URL: /Les-droits-r%E9els
decode: /Les droits réels


decode Hasenböhler-Franz

Detailed Error: Uncaught URIError: URI malformedD @ piwik.js:30(anonymous function) @ piwik.js:51(anonymous function) @ piwik.js:52
I used latest Piwik, 2.14.x

Chears Dany

Hi Dany,

thanks for the report. Can you please create a bug report in our tracker at Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and we will investigate ASAP!

ok, Bug report is done.