Unable to write in the cache directory (/var/www/piwik/tmp/templates_c/2d) while User creation


We use a Matomo 4.4.1
The following has noticed:

A admin user has tried to created a new user. In the input mask in which the user name, the e-mail and password is stored, was also selected on which page of the new users is to be authorized.

Click on Save shows the following error message:

Unable to write in The Cache Directory (/ VAR / www / piwik / tmp / templates_c / 2d).

When testing by a Superuser, it was found that the new user was saved by the admin despite the error. However, this was not allowed for any page.

Is there a bug in user administration?

Thank you

@SteveG , @waldemar1


Is your PHP user (maybe www-data) allowed to write files in the /var/www/piwik/tmp/ directory?

Hey @Lukas

Thank you for reply.

The www-data user is the owner of / var / www / piwik or matomo including all subfolders on all Matomo servers and has all possible rights there