Unable to view specific hash tag parameters for AJAX application


I hope I’m not missing anything, but I thought I’d post something in here before I went crazy. I have built an AJAX application that relies on hash tags to navigate through the page. We need to keep track of each of the individual hash tags, but the only report I’m aware of that shows the pages that a user has visited is logging in to the Piwik Dashboard and going to Actions>Pages. I’ve attached two screenshots to help show my point. One is of the Piwik interface and you can see one of the files (2551-0.php) is the only page in it. The second screenshot shows my database and the log_action table showing that there are different hash tags being recorded for 2551-0.php.

My question is if I’m missing something and need to set a preference somewhere to show all the different hash tags within a given page, or if this is a (un)known issue that has(n’t) been addressed.

you are right this is an issue that hasn’t been dealt with yet. What happens is that we record the pages with the hash, but then at archiving time, we actually aggregate on the URLs without the hash.

we could probably easily allow to keep the hash values and show stats for each hashvalue. please create a ticket if you want this

I will create a ticket for this. Thanks for your reply.