Unable to track the website when the website is browsed out of the server where the matomo is located

Hi Team,

This email is with respect to Matomo tracking of website. We have setup Matomo on our internal server and the Matomo is able to track the site when the site is browsed inside the server where Matomo is located, But it is unable to track the site when it is browsed outside the server where Matomo is not located. So could you please confirm if the Matomo can still track the site if it is browsed in that way.

Akhil Ch

Hi @akhil_chintapalli
Probably you have CSP errors on your tracked site that prevent the sent of request to Matomo

Check the network console of your browser.

Thank you for the reply.

Just want to let you know that we are trying to set it up to run on https://

When tried to run the website with https:// inside the server where Matomo is hosted, the site is working fine. But when we try to browse the same website ( https://matomo…includes our domain), it is not working. I’m getting forbidden and don’t have permissions.

Attached the screenshot for you reference.