Unable to start matomo

Hi There,

I’m trying to set up Matomo on windows 10 having NGINX 1.19.6 as the webserver , the Matomo files were downloaded on this server and unzipped to /analytics/matomo location (C:\NGNIX2\nginx-1.19.6\analytics\matomo).

When i hit the URL - http://localhost:82/analytics/matomo , but some how i cannot access the Matomo’s starting page. I get a 404 not found error.

Can someone please let me know if any specific configurations needs to be done?


I don’t know Windows at all, but please make sure you set up Nginx correctly (especially point the root directory where you need it).
You can use this for inspiration:

Also check the nginx error log to see where nginx is looking for the files.

Okay, thanks for the reply. Let me verify this.

Unfortunately this link did not help me much, the issue still persists.
Do we have any other references which i can use to fix this issue?