Unable to see configuration screen for piwik

Hello everyone, I just found out about Piwik and was excited to use it. I immediately downloaded and tried installing on a windows web Server. Once I’m done building a site for Piwik it takes me to login screen rather than configuration screen… I cant create a superuser account and without that I cannot login 

When I installed Piwik on my windows 7 machine the site lets me to configure but after that i see the dashboard is empty, I can’t see any widgets on it.

Could someone here please help me on what i can do to get back to the config screen on my web server???

Do you see any error in your web server error logs ?

Hi, thanks for your reply,
I don’t see any error messages. Does the dashboard comes with the widgets by default or we have to customize it? and is there a other procedure to implement Pwiwik on Server 2008 R2?