Unable to login with LDAP credentials



I successfully installed and configured LoginLdap (v4.05)

Configuration is as follows:

  • LDAP Settings =Always Use LDAP for Authentication (Check)
    Use Web Server Auth (uncheck)

. Required User group Test result: 2 users are member of thig group
. Ldap Search Filter : objectClass=person
. Ldap Search Filter test result: 222 users are matched by this filter.

  • Access Synchronization Settings: Enable User Access Synchronization from LDAP (Uncheck)

The ldapsearch command line works fine, no error message

The PHP configuration script works fine: Query count: 222

I am not able to login with LDAP credentials: I am getting an error message: username and password are incorrect
Tried to login using sAMAccountName then using userPrincipalName with no success

Please advice,