Unable to install self-hosted PIWIK

Dear Sirs: Can’t say how disappointed I am with your response to my concern. I did the 30-day trial of Cloud hosting to try out the software and at the end of the period I attempted to install the software. Unable to do so, I paid for 1 month of Cloud hosting, but that is going to be the end of it. Great product but very poor support. I am a very small web site and have no budget for you Cloud subscription.

Susan Farrar.

  1. Downloaded the software from PIWIK.org
  2. Opened the zip file and deployed files to web site: www.wisconsinpollinators.com/analytics
  3. Went to URL and page opened
  4. Click NEXT
  5. The process appeared to start, bu then, after about 30 seconds, got an INTERNAL SERVER ERROR
  6. Contacted GoDaddy, the ISP that hosts my site and they confirmed that my mySQL database, piwik, has the correct permissions, that I was using the right version of php software and there were no setup issues (they read through the piwik documentation and confirmed everything was set up correctly)
  7. Still no lock and the DB is NOT set up.
  8. There were no messages in the log file