Unable to add the URL in Website Management

In the Website Management interface, I am unable to add the URL to one of my ID’s. When attempting to add the URL and click SAVE, the screen continually shows “Loading data…” and does nothing.

Try upping the memory limits of your php config file to see if that helps.

I increased the memory limits to 96M. That still didnt help.

Do you see any error in your web server error log ?

can you try to upgade to 1.9-rc2: 301 Moved Permanently

No errors in log.

I do not see a 1.9-rc2, the latest in that directory is 1.9-b2

Hi I would recommend at least 128 though 96 isnt far off. Sounds like something else though, can you descirbe the server environment?

please try with 1.9-b it might work ?

First upgrade, then increase the memory limit.