Un-clean un-install

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(After reading an adjacent problem, location is now possible but inacting CHOWN is an issue. I will report on my ignoranse and stupidity later…) [Ok, thanks to slow learning curve, SSH’d to : “’/var/www/vhosts/{myclient.com}/httpdocs” (hidden directories), then “chown [ftp username] piwik -R -v”.

Thanks to “Problem install” entry in General Questions, I got the path. NetSol wants $50 for that insight and TMFI on the web was too confusing for location of path, but provided the linux commands/syntax. Thanks all ~ problem solved. Snap!


Piwik is an application provided with Network Solutions VSP package.

1st installation ‘broke’ during install, and was un-installed.

2nd installation was successful but the product is not necessary & was un-installed.

Both installations (under different directories) left behind the /piwk (& “/2ndPiWikInstall’s”) “tmp” directories; I wish to remove them, their children and all their contents.

The only method to remove these is via SSH such as Putty or WinSCP. I am unable to locate these directories & files for removal via CHMOD.

I was provided “path.pl”, but when placed at the /httpdocs/root and run, it only reports “25”.

Has anyone any help or history that might assist me with this removal for ‘house-keeping’ purposes?

Thanks for reading and your thoughts on this

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Ask your NetSol admins for help. path.pl isn’t part of the Piwik distribution.

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I created a ticket to provide an “uninstall” feature to remove all piwik files: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/1170

Otherwise, you should

sudo rm /path/to/piwik/ -Rf