Typo 3 , Version 6.1.7


Dear Piwik Team,

I want to use Piwikintegration extension for web analytics. Our company uses typo 3 CMS (Version-6.1.7) and while installing latest version of Piwik(3.0.2), our Typo 3 says its not compatible and cannot be installed. Please help me out.

Looking forward for your reply.


(Klaus) #2

I am not sure if the TYPO3 extension developers are watching here. Maybe better use TYPO3’s forge like Overview - Piwik - TYPO3 Forge
The piwikintegration extension is working on support for current Piwik releases: Extension broken with Piwik 2.0.2 · Issue #2 · kaystrobach/TYPO3.piwikintegration · GitHub but that is only needed to include Piwik in TYPO3 backend. If you have a piwik somewhere else and just want to add tracking code you need the TYPO3 extension piwik.

(Klaus) #3

You maybe better check the TYPO3 piwik extension site at Overview - Piwik - TYPO3 Forge
I know, that they are working on a new release for piwikintegration to support current Piwik releases. (Extension broken with Piwik 2.0.2 · Issue #2 · kaystrobach/TYPO3.piwikintegration · GitHub). The login plugin to authenticate in Piwik with your TYPO3 credentials is not compatible yet.
piwikintegration is only needed if you want to run Piwik inside your TYPO3 backend. If you have already Piwik somewhere else you just need the TYPO3 piwik extension that will just add the tracking code to the site.