Two weeks ago Piwik stopped tracking any visits


We have just spent the last 1.5 hours reading forum articles on possible solutions (and causes) to this issue, with no success. After logging in as Admin our dashboard shows zero visitors since Jan 10th. When we login to Google Analitics we can see lots of visitors over the last two weeks, so something is causing Piwik to not track.

Nothing has changed on the website in the last 3 weeks with the exception of a few text updates on some articles, and running two Piwik updates. We have read several forum posts for similar issues and have tried everything we could find- clearing browser cache, trying different browsers, copy and paste piwik tracking code from Dashboard-Settings, deleting all files in /tmp, and re-uploading a fresh download of the current Piwik files.

We have an inhouse data center and control/manage our own webservers. they all run CentOS 6.4 with the latest stable versions of cPanel/WHM, php, MySQL etc. We have seen no other issues with broken scripts or modules on any other websites, so the cause of this issue is a complete mystery to us.

any ideas?

We LOVE Piwik!!! THANK YOU sooo much for creating such a superior product to Google Analytics.


are you using any htaccess to allow ga to track vs piwik? how is the code implemented via an include? could a cpanel update have run in that time frame? what php version?

Thank you for your reply! Would it be easier or faster for us to give you FTP and cpanel login to the server? As a data center, we own and manage the servers ourselves so I can give you any kind of admin access you need.

In quick answer to your above questions, the site was built last year in Joomla 2.5. We keep it updated to the latest version of Joomla 2.x. Both GA and Piwik are enabled through joomla plugins that automatically insert the code blocks into each page. The last cPanel update we show was run a month ago, and Piwik continued to work after that.

The server is running PHP 5.3.27.



hi think the issue is the php version. you should at least here try 5.3.3 or higher many others had issues with 5.2.x and going higher solved it. i think on cpanel that is the latest version out of box it supports. Could it also just be the joomla plugin needs to be updated as per the new version you guys now have?

Thank you!! Will upgrade our PHP and see if that resolves the issue. I had no idea we were running with such an old version of PHP LOL

Hi James, I am also running Joomla 2.5 with the Piwik plugin for tracking and I have also seen Piwik completely stop working after upgrading to 2.0.3. Please advise if you are able to resolve the issue or if you make any progress. I am hosting my Piwik installation with Arvixe, the official recommended hosting providers for Piwik, so I doubt it’s any configuration issue with Piwik itself.

I am now starting to suspect that it could be the Joomla plugin that is not working properly. I’ll investigate and revert as soon as possible.

perhaps from what i read her the issue is indeed the joomla plugin. that would explain the update ok but the sites stopping to collect data. be interesting ifyou manually placed code outside the plugin if it helps?

Further to my previous update, I can say that I was using the Joomla plugin by Yireo and I have changed to use the Joomla plugin by Eorisis. Both plugins do not do any tracking (I have specified server-side tracking). I will now check if Piwik tracks when I use actual tracking code loaded as a module on every page.

I will revert with my findings.


We have NO idea why but Piwik all of the sudden started tracking again LOL

We ran through all the steps on this post.,108626

After running all the steps we rebooted the webserver. The wierd thing is that Piwik didn’t start tracking again until approx 24 hours later. So perhaps these fixed it? But I would assume if they did Piwik would start working correctly right away?

At any rate, it’s working beautifully again now as desired. If you haven’t gone through the steps in the above thread, you might give them a try. That might resolve your issue.


Same here! I did absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden, Piwik just started working again. I’m hosting with if it makes a difference.

Was about 3 days of no tracking.

Yup, 4 days without tracking here. Weird.

Honestly I don’t think the steps we went through made any difference, as it should have changed immediately. I think for some reason Piwik just stopped working, then started again. Perhaps a short accidental Piwik update?

I’ve never heard of cases of Piwik not tracking, then tracking again like this. So I’m not sure what’shappened. If you have the problem again please create a new post and explain exactly what you are seeing (ie. data in visitor log? no data in visitor log? no data in dashboard?)

I’ll be happy to Matt. Thanks for following up on this post- we LOVE Piwik and think it’s an outstanding piece of software. Every software has occasional bugs, so no worries. Will be glad to share more details if this happens again.