Two More "Conversions Overview By Type of Visit' Suggestions

Two suggestions:

1/ The “Conversions Overview By Type of Visit” on the goals screen extends too far over to the right when you have multiple goals.

It makes it very unweildy to use in practice. If you have more than 10 goals then you need to scroll way over to the right.

There needs to be an option to select which ones to display together, and to be able to dismiss some at a time.

At the moment its either feast or famine. You can either select just one goal at a time, or you can view them all. And if you have 30 goals, then this makes this screen extremely hard to use.

In practice this is somewhere between a ‘feature suggestion’ and a ‘bug report’, because whilst the information is great, it is displayed in a very cumbersome manner.

If you could choose say 8 to display together, and dismiss the rest then you would immediately be able to see:

a/ How different sections of your site are performing (for example you may have 5 goals about sewing machines, and 5 goals for flat-screen TVs if you ran an electronics store). If you can see them together then that is more accurate and useful then looking at them one at a time.

b/ You could dismiss the large number of goals that get very few conversions and look at them less frequently (say once a week), so they wouldn’t distract you.

c/ And conversely, see the biggest performers side by side. At the moment if one goal is at position 1 in the block and another at position 15, then it is physically impossible to see them at all on the same screen the way things currently are. I would say that was a bug really. You should be able to move them about without having to change the name of the goal.

2/ In the “Conversions overview by type of visit screen” again (on the goals page), apart from the goals columns, there are two others:

Revenue Per Visit

This is frustrating because it badly needs a column for ‘Total Revenue’.

A typical scenario would be that you would look at the keywords that are getting visitors to the site.

And you want to know the keyword that is worth the most to you in terms of overall revenue.

You can then sort by the number of visits, conversions stats or revenue per visit.

But none of these will conclusively tell you at a glance which keyword makes the most.

Say you have a site with 100 main keywords.

50 are worth $0.10 each on revenue per visit. But get massive traffic.

50 are worth $10.00 each on revenue per visit. But get very little traffic.

If you sort by:

Visits - Then you predictably get the high traffic keywords at the top. But the high value ones are no-where to be seen, because they get low traffic, but may be making you more.

Conversions - Useful, but doesn’t show how much money you make.

Revenue Per visit - Shows the high value conversions, but the low value ones will be off the page.

If you added in another column for ‘Total Revenue’ then you could sort on that, and take the maths work out of figuring out how much a keyword ranking is really worth to you and just see at a glance without having to times the traffic by the revenue per visit.

That kind of calculation is better off done automatically by the software.

Thanks for the great suggestions

1/ I get your point, however it would be quite some work to allow to order goals and only display some in the screen… Also it’s quite an edge case

2/ added ticket: Add column "Total revenue" in Goal reports · Issue #2700 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub - this will be added very soon!