Two Domains?

(jst) #1

I just installed Piwik and then I created two domain web pages in the settings area. Then I copied the provided code for each page into the footer section of each web page. The first domain seems to work just fine, but the second one is not tracking anything…

From what I can see in the code the only difference is that there is a different id for each page. Is that correct? First page is ‘1’ and second page is ‘2’.

I will do some more debugging on the second page, but I can’t seem to find an issue so far.


(Karlsson) #2

Is that correct? First page is ‘1’ and second page is ‘2’.

Are both sites and Piwik on the same server?

(jst) #3

[quote=Karlsson @ Oct 4 2009, 02:38 AM]Yes

Are both sites and Piwik on the same server?[/quote]

Yes, they are. Does that matter?

I didn’t have any time to play around some more over the weekend, but I also noted that the first site doesn’t collect data anymore. It stopped after reaching a count of one…


(juhn76) #4

I have the same problem as Jens.
Any solutions?


(jst) #5

Hmmm, it seems that I am not alone with having that problem.

I did some more debugging, but as far as I can tell everything is in order except Piwik not logging anything…

Did anybody resolve this problem? Is it working fine for other people? If so, what’s different in your setup?


(chetan) #6

I am having the same problem too. After i added the new site, even the old one has stopped working, can some one help. Is there any place where i can contact the team members.

(vipsoft) #7

The best place to reach team members is here on the forum (for support). We use Trac for bugs/feature requests.

Unfortunately, team members have been busy and/or away, especially these past couple of weeks.

First things I would check is the web server logs for errors, that piwik.php?idsite=1 doesn’t return a broken image, whether or not there are entries in the log_visit table, and increasing the php memory limit setting.

If you’ve done all this and still need help, send me a PM with your piwik site URL and login info.

(jst) #8

Sorry about the slow reply, but I have been on vacation as well.

The log_visit table shows entries for web page 1, but not for web page 2. Both are on a different domain running Joomla. I added the code piece into a banner file and I used Firebug to verify that it gets executed when the page is loading.

I also checked the php log file and I don’t see any issues. Memory is set to 256MB. I would assume that this is enough.

In addition I also checked loading the URL directly and both load into an empty page without an error message. I am assuming that is working as designed.

Now, the strange part is that if I load the URL directly I actually do see an entry for web page 2. I will look around some more, but I am not sure where the problem is.

Update: According to Firebug only the first page loads the banner item containing my code. The second page only shows the bannergroup, but not the banner item being loaded. Therefore I assume that this is a Joomla problem. This could be a database problem or a Joomla bug. Not sure yet… Will post on the Joomla forum.


(jst) #9

It seems that my problem was related to banners not working on one of my web pages. Unfortunately, I couldn’t resolve the banner problem even with posting a note on the Joomla forum.

However, I found an extension called Jumi which allows creating a custom module and pasting code into it. In fact it also allows a more elegant solution using a plugin, but the module option is good enough for my purposes.

I will now let it sit for a few days and hopefully everything is working now.

Thanks you to everyone replying and trying to help!