Two differten IDs on the same page


the initial tracking call is executed on one page - then apparently another ‘setEcommerceView’ call - both have two different IDs, so that something is obviously counted twice here - how can that be? In my opinion, ‘setEcommerceView’ should actually be counted as an event here?

Thanks very much


the Code is:

  var _paq = window._paq = window._paq || [];
  /* tracker methods like "setCustomDimension" should be called before "trackPageView" */
  _paq.push(["setDomains", ["*"]]);
  _paq.push(["setDoNotTrack", true]);

    "1234567", // (Required) productSKU
    "Produkt Name", // (Optional) productName
    "Kategorie", // (Optional) categoryName
     // (Optional) price