Tutorial & help for newbie

Hello guys,

I am newbie with the PIWIK application. For my work, I need develop a new plugin of specific statistic.

Do you have a tutorial in step to step, for use a VisitsSummary API ? for create a new plug-in ?

When I reading the referentiel, I have difficulty understand the operation of Hook API .
Do you have some informations ?

Thanks for your help.


I wrote an article that describes how to write a Piwik Plugin: How to write a Piwik Plugin

Let me know if you need any help or don’t understand something in the article.

Thanks Fabian. This tutorial helped me advance ^ ^

I have nevertheless different questions about the operation of Piwik:

  • How can we organize a plugin directory Piwik? There is there any directories mandatory? We can add their own directory?

  • Can you connect to other tables in that piwik database dedicated? in another database?

  • In some existing plugins api.php file exists. What is it?

  • What are the possibilities of function install ()? Can be created to create tables? Can we move (or create) files?

  • How do I use the library to generate the graphs in Piwik?

thank you